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Congratulations to all entrants in the 2018 Arthurs Seat Challenge and to all the winners!

Overall winners:

1st Male               Jake Stevens   

1st Female          Bec Rosel         

2nd Male              Rhys Whittaker

2nd Female         Kate Mason      

3rd Male               Noah Crosling 

3rd Female          Sam Prime       

Age group winners:

1st U15 Male                   Lawson Duff         

1st U15 Female              Imogen Baker      

1st U18 Male                   Noah Crosling      

1st U18 Female              Olivia Stuart         

1st 18-29 Male               Jake Stevens         

1st 18-29 Female           Kate Mason          

1st 30-39 Male                Rhys Whittaker   

1st 30-39 Female           Bec Rosel              

1st 40-49 Male                Richard Does      

1st 40-49 Female           Aisha Baker         

1st 50-59 Male                Graham Wimbleton

1st 50-59 Female           Michele Westwood

1st 60+ Male                    Stephen Scott      

1st 60+ Female              Jennifer Kellett    

Team winners:

Largest School                                 Mount Eliza Secondary College

Largest Community Team          Team Lyndon

Fastest School                                Padua College